The Throne of Elements is a magical floating island inhabited by four tribes of elementals. The tribe lords have decided that life in the island is too boring and needs to be fired up, so they have decided to hold a friendly game of territorial control between the tribes. Fight over control of the island as one of the four elemental lords and command your tribe to victory!

Fire Elementals

Hot-headed, rash and challenge lovers, the fire elementals were the first tribe to sign up for the Throne of Elements. The fire tribe has never shied out from a challenge and will do whatever it takes to win. Despite willing to do anything to win, they are not fond of cheating and will gladly accept a loss when beaten fair and square.

Water Elementals

When it comes to thinking capabilities among the four tribes, nothing beats the water elementals. The water tribe believes that being calm, composed and confident will get them through anything. In spite of their cleverness, the water elementals lived a lazy life which made their elemental lord bring up this issue to the board of elementals, leading to the creation of the Throne of Elements competition.

Forest Elementals

Living deep inside the forests, the wood elementals are peace and nature lovers. They have no care for anything other than themselves, and cute forest animals. They had no interest in the Throne of Elements competition at first, but finally decided to join when the other tribes would never stop at anything at bugging the wood tribe.

Rock Elementals

Right after the fire tribe signed up for the Throne of Elements, the rock tribe stopped having second thoughts and signed up right away. Rivaling the fire tribe in almost all competitions, these hardheaded and rock-hard elementals are actually a soft shell inside. They always want to show everyone that they are the strongest. Though, ironically, their tribe is more known for their rock music band.